Food Pantry

The Whitehall Food Pantry, located at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, has been in existence since 1974, serving approximately100 families per month supplying them food staples, meats, pet food and paper products when available. Occasionally there is even fresh produce. There many different ways to “help” at the Food Pantry so let me list a few for you.
1) St. John’s day to volunteer is usually the third Monday of the month with a morning and an evening crew of volunteers. Lana sends out text messages several days prior to have volunteers available for each session.
2) On Monday morning, the volunteers take our Second Sunday Sharing foods to the Food Pantry and stock the shelves with our food items as well as those stored at the Pantry. We set up the tables and get the room ready for evening clients. Monday morning we also make pick-ups at Chick fil A,Weis Market on MacArthur Rd. and the Coplay Giant for their donations.
3) On Monday evening we finish setting up by bringing foods out of the refrigerators (produce and/or Chick Fil A salads, etc) and frozen meats as well as breads and/or pastries. We guide the families through the line by offering meats, baked goods, groceries from the shelves, produce/salads and help carry the groceries to their cars. We then clean up the room at the end of the night.
4) The second Monday each month the Second Harvest truck arrives and volunteers are needed to assist with the unloading and putting away food items.
5) And most of all, you the congregation who fills our grocery cart for each Second Sunday Sharing. Watch the weekly email for the foods most needed at the Pantry.
6) If you are in need of food, please phone Doreen @ 484-246-5715 to make an appointment. We do distribute emergency food on a case by case need.
Snack Pack Pals—
The Whitehall Coplay Hunger Initiative has decided to no longer provide monthly food bags for the children who receive free or reduced breakfasts and lunches in the WCSD.   The Whitehall Food Pantry will begin providing these monthly bags.   These bags are to provide food to the children in the school district over a long weekend when the children would have been eating their meals in school.   Therefore, we will be adding items needed for Snack Pack Pals to our Second Sunday Sharing list of food needed in the Pantry each month.   The Pantry’s first distribution to the school district will be given for the Thanksgiving weekend.
If there are any times that you would be interested in volunteering in any way, please contact Lana @ 610-533-1357 for dates and times.
And again, thanks for all of your generosity in giving each month.

Community Meals

Several times a year, St. John’s members cook for and serve meals for the Whitehall-Coplay Hunger Initiative (WCHI). Check out the WCHI website for more information: